Tax, Super + You competition winners – 2019

Check out the 2019 Tax, Super + You competition shortlisted and prize winning entries below.

Junior high school entries

Entry 1: Tax Ad - Kim Thu Hoang Nguyen (WA)

Entry 2: Tax Man Max - Alma-Mia Marret (VIC)
First prize and People’s Choice Award winner

Entry 3: Taxville & Miserton - Nancy Huang, Fiona Lin, Jasmine Guan (NSW)
Second prize winner (tie)

Entry 4: The Reality of Tax - Anna-Grace Lau, Liah Jones, Chloe Santos (WA)

Entry 5: How Tax Makes You a Superhero! - Belle White (VIC)
Third prize winner (tie)

Entry 6: The Importance of TAX and SUPER - Piper Dougherty (NSW)
Second prize winner (tie)

Entry 7: The Superannuation Song - Hayley Dolce McDermott (NSW)
Third prize winner (tie)

Senior high school entries

Entry 8: Tax and Super Rap - Ryan Carter (WA)
First prize winner

Entry 9: Port Power Song - Ethan Hogan, Jaxon Kumnick, Hunter Cheriton, Darcy Bastian (SA)

Entry 10: To Tax or Not to Tax - Kalani Aston, Charlotte Anderson, Isabella Anderson,
Dayna Galloway, Jamie Sullivan, Isabella Telfer, Mia Wright, Kate Zankar (SA)

Entry 11: Tax Tracks: Where Does Your Money Go? - Lizzy Stanfield (QLD)

Entry 12: Make That Money - Lotte Coakes-Jenkins, Kathleen Doherty (NSW)
Second prize winner

Entry 13: The Facts About Tax - Kousitha Sivayogan, Sharanaa Jayaroopan (VIC)
Third prize and People’s Choice Award winner

Entry 14: Tax Song (a capella) - Jainil Patel (VIC)

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  • Fact 17

    The opportunity to pay income tax in instalments, rather than once per year, was introduced in 1941.

Withholding declaration

A document that helps an employee notify their employer of a change in their PAYG withholding, for example, an entitlement to a tax offset. A withholding declaration authorises the employer to reduce or increase the amount of tax withheld from payments.

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