Tax, Super + You competition

The Tax, Super + You competition is a fun and creative way for students in Years 7–12 to learn about tax and super. The competition asks students to develop creative products, either in groups or individually, that highlight the value of tax and super in the community.

Due to the effect that COVID–19 is having around Australia, we have made the difficult decision not to run the competition in 2020.

Our Tax, Super + You teaching resources are still available. We encourage you to use these and check out some of the previous competition entries to keep learning about tax and super.

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Tax, Super + You teacher's kit

The Tax, Super + You competition supports learning outcomes in key subject areas and is a fun and exciting way to incorporate the Tax, Super + You teaching resources into classroom lesson plans. Teachers can find out more about the Tax, Super + You competition and resources in our teacher’s kit.

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  • Fact 26

    The introduction of electronic lodgement of tax forms in the late 1980s not only reduced the time it took to send out returns from ten weeks to two weeks but had a significant impact on the incidence of repetitive strain injury among data processors at the ATO.

Default fund

The super fund an individual's employer pays their super guarantee payments into if they do not nominate a specific super fund.

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