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New Year, New Website!

Attention all teachers, educators and parents, the all-new Tax, Super + You website is now available as a public beta release.

It’s bigger, it's better and it’s in beta until March 2022.

 Over 1000 NEW high-quality teacher-developed resources to use in secondary schools and at home.
 Resources are aligned with the Australian Curriculum and other syllabuses around Australia.
 A NEW 'Work Ready Course' supporting students to comprehend the tax and super systems and become work ready.
 A NEW Learning Management System with simplified online class creation.

Tax Super + You competition


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Curriculum Links


Tax, Super and You is aligned with the curriculum and these linkages can be explored using the resources below.


What's New


New to tax and super?

If you are new to the tax and superannuation systems, you may be wondering about how they work and what you need to do.

Find out more:
New to tax and super ato.gov.au/newtotax


The ATO's new online services simulator is now available.

The ATO online services simulator is an interactive platform to help you learn about the functions, features and services available in ATO online services for individuals.

The simulator has been created for educational purposes only. It doesn't interact with any of our processing systems and can't be used to lodge your tax return or any other details to the ATO.

ATO online services simulator ATO online services simulator

Quick Start Guide


Ever wondered why you pay tax and super? Here's your chance to explore the nuts and bolts of tax and super. Check out our video to get started, or browse our course overview for a listing of our modules and activities.


Tax Super + You competition

And the Tax, Super + You competition winners are……

The 2021 Tax, Super + You competition has closed and the winners have been announced. Have a look to see if your favourite was a winner!


Attention all educators, need some help creating a class in Tax, Super + You?

We now have a cheat-sheet available to step you through the set up process.

 How to create a class in TS+Y


If you have any questions about registration, contact the Tax, Super + You team:


  • Fact 11

    The first new tax introduced after Federation was the Bank Notes Tax Act 1910 which introduced an Australian currency. It imposed a 10% tax on bank notes that had been previously issued privately. The new national currency first appeared in December 1910.


Any individual or entity required to pay tax.

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