People’s Choice Award

People's Choice Award

The 2018 Tax Super + You Competition has closed!

Students from year 7-12 across Australia have developed a campaign pitch showing how they would encourage their friends to see the value of tax and super in the community.

The top 10 shortlisted entries below are split into entries from junior high school (years 7-9) and senior high school (years 10-12).

Thank you for getting involved and voting for your favourite entry.

Junior High school entries

Entry 1: Tax is a Champion! - Daniel Kang (NSW)
2nd prize winner (tie) - Junior secondary

Entry 2: Life Without Tax - Joshua Lacey, Harley Lamers, Elouise Jones, Naomi Brown (VIC)

Entry 3: The Money Cycle - Lucas Van Der Veen (VIC)

Entry 4: Tax & You - Sonya Maloney, Elise Burke (NSW)
1st prize and People's Choice Award winner - Junior secondary

Entry 5: Superannuation Rap - Sarah Milton (QLD)
2nd prize winner (tie) - Junior secondary

Senior High school entries

Entry 6: The Answer - Neve Wildin Powell (QLD)
1st prize winner - Senior secondary

Entry 7: Tax and Super Quiz (use class code: JPQ6652) - Aspen Blomfield, Banjo Murphy (NSW)

Entry 8: Students Guide to Tax - Jamie Chambers, George Lines, Will Shaw (WA)
2nd prize and People's Choice Award winner - Senior secondary

Entry 9: What is Tax and Super? - Elise Hutchison (ACT)
3rd prize winner - Senior secondary

Entry 10: Tax Rap - Ishan Rai (SA)

  • Fact 9

    The Australian Taxation Office started as the Commissioner of Land Tax in 1910 with a dozen employees. It was based in the Department of Treasury, situated in Melbourne, which was the seat of the Commonwealth Parliament until 1927.

Superannuation / Super

A system where money is placed into a fund to provide for a person’s retirement.

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