Tax, Super + You teacher's kit

Helping students take control of their tax and super

The Tax, Super + You competition is a fun and exciting way to learn about tax and super. We want young people to have the information and skills to help them understand and navigate the tax and superannuation systems, now and into the future.

The competition is an engaging way for teachers to incorporate the Tax, Super + You resources into your classroom lesson plans. The teaching resources available on this website, will help teachers explain how the Australian tax and superannuation systems work, the benefits to the community and the role Australians play in supporting these systems.

Tax, Super + You is aligned with the Australian Curriculum and resources are available for students in Year 7—12:

The competition is open to all students in Year 7—12 enrolled in the Australian education system. You can run the competition for individuals or as a group activity, as part of your regular classwork or as an extension activity.

The 2021 competition has closed, but your students can still learn a thing or two from the creative entries!

Stay tuned to the Tax, Super + You website for news about the 2022 competition!

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Classroom presentations

Would you like one of our officers to talk to your students? We are happy to arrange an interactive webinar. Our expert staff can conduct presentations for students and teachers on a range of tax and super topics.

Contact us to arrange a presentation.

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Expression of interest

If you would like to find out more information about the competition, or receive updates about Tax, Super + You in the curriculum, let us know! Fill in the expression of interest form and we will get back to you.



From teacher and student participants

‘I would definitely promote the competition to other teachers, because it's a fun learning experience to challenge the students beyond the classroom and there's the added benefit of cash prizes. We knew going into the competition it would be beneficial as the ATO has a very good reputation and is one organisation that the students will deal with as they embark on the working lives in the future. It's very positive for the students to have such a positive experience with the ATO at such a young age whilst learning about the seriousness of challenges around tax and super.’

Teacher, WA


‘We wanted a fun way of getting students involved in becoming comfortable with using words associated with tax. (The competition) gave all the students an opportunity to be creative with a topic that is not traditionally seen as fun. It is a great way to engage students in a topic that can be confusing and sometimes tedious. But my students loved it and know so much more about tax than they actually thought they would!’

Teacher, VIC


‘You would think students in high school would know simple concepts such as tax and super but just like land line phones and area codes these simple concepts seems to have missed this generation. Therefore the opportunity to provide current, relevant learning was not only a bonus as a teacher but I experienced much delight with the students displayed motivation and enthusiasm with learning about, well yes TAX! I can’t wait to run it again with my new group of students this year.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.’

Teacher, QLD


‘As a student participant I have gained a deeper understanding about the way tax and super works. I know about how saving money continuously as soon as you start work is very beneficial and a smart choice.’

Student, WA

  • Fact 22

    The changeover to decimal currency in 1966 created a massive amount of work for the ATO. In NSW alone, staff manually converted 200,000 accounts worth $450 million.


ASFA is an acronym for The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia.

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