Challenge quiz: Business tax

Challenge quiz rules

  1. Each team chooses a topic and then chooses a question.
  2. Each team must start by answering one 100-point question correctly before moving to the higher point questions.
  3. If a team answers the question correctly, they score the allocated points.
  4. If a team answers the question incorrectly, the next team gets a chance to answer the same question.
  5. A team has one minute to answer the question. The team can use that time to consult and agree on a response before the nominated member provides the answer.
  6. A team must have a total score of 600 before they can attempt to answer a 500-point question.
  7. Your teacher may apply penalties for students who call out answers or interfere with other groups.

Note: Topics 4 and 5 of this module, Explaining business taxes and The goods and services tax (GST),are covered in part 4 of the Challenge quiz under the combined topic of Business tax.

The quiz can be played by asking the following questions or by playing the Business challenge quiz online.

Challenge quiz: Business tax
Type: Theory
Questions: 1
Attempts allowed: Unlimited
Available: Always
Pass rate: 75%
  • Fact 12

    The expenses of World War I were so great that the Commonwealth Government introduced three new taxes in 1917: an entertainment tax, a wartime profits tax and a bachelor tax that raised such a bitter protest that it was never put into operation.

Complying super fund

A super fund that meets government laws and regulations.

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