Task D4.1 Making a difference to my super

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What factors help your super grow? Explore the impact of the following:

  • making super contributions earlier
  • earning a higher income
  • delaying retirement beyond 67
  • making additional payments above your employer's 9.5% contribution
  • paying lower management fees.

Use the superannuation calculator provided on the MoneySmart website. This calculator allows you to input data to work out superannuation.

Where no specific data is provided in this task, you should use the data already entered into the superannuation calculator on the MoneySmart website.

  • Fact 25

    The first computers used by the ATO were used primarily for issuing the five million refund cheques sent out each year in the mid 1960s.

Tax minimisation

When a taxpayer legally minimises the amount of tax they have to pay.

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