How do I choose a super fund?

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Deciding on a super fund

Choosing a super fund and choosing an investment strategy can be very important financial decisions. There are three broad factors you should consider:

  • what type of fund to choose
  • the benefits/fees and costs of a fund
  • what investment strategy you should apply to your money.
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    The introduction of electronic lodgement of tax forms in the late 1980s not only reduced the time it took to send out returns from ten weeks to two weeks but had a significant impact on the incidence of repetitive strain injury among data processors at the ATO.

Capital gains tax (CGT)

A tax on the profit made when selling or disposing of an asset such as investment properties, shares and collectables. The net capital gain amount, or the discounted capital gain amount in certain circumstances where a discount applies, is added to assessable income and income tax is then calculated on the taxable income. A person’s main residence (their home) is generally exempt and motor vehicles are exempt from CGT.

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