Challenge quiz: Your tax

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Challenge quiz rules

Each team chooses a topic and then answers the 100-point question.

2 Each team must start by answering one 100-point question correctly before moving to the higher point questions.

3 If a team answers the question correctly, they earn the allocated points.

4 If a team answers the question incorrectly, the next team gets a chance to answer the same question.

5 A team has one minute to answer the question. The team can use that time to consult and agree on a response, before the nominated member provides the answer.

6 A team must have a total score of 600 points before they can attempt to answer a 500-point question.

7 Your teacher may apply penalties for students who call out answers or interfere with other groups.

  • Fact 19

    Australia’s growth and prosperity after World War II meant that, in 1959, the ATO collected £823.37 million in revenue - more than double the amount collected in 1949.


The chance of loss on a financial investment.

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