Judging Panel: David Koch

David Koch

David Koch
Host of Channel 7, Sunrise & Chairman of the Port Adelaide Football Club

Alongside his roles as Host of Sunrise and Chairman of Port Adelaide Football Club, David Koch is one of Australia’s foremost business and finance commentators.

A small business owner for over 30 years which includes his family business Pinstripe Media, David has a passion for the sector, and was a director of the NSW Small Business Development Corporation for 6 years.

He and wife Libby are also patrons of the Youth Off The Streets managed Koch Centre For Youth at Macquarie Fields.

  • Fact 19

    Australia’s growth and prosperity after World War II meant that, in 1959, the ATO collected £823.37 million in revenue - more than double the amount collected in 1949.

Tax evasion

When a person deliberately lies to the ATO to reduce their amount of tax payable by understating assessable income, overstating allowable deductions or incorrectly claiming tax credits and tax offsets. Tax evasion is against the law.

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