Task B5.2 Understanding GST

What is GST? Calculate the GST on selected items and discuss whether the GST can be considered a fair tax.

Test your knowledge about GST by completing the following activity.

Task B5.2 Understanding GST
Type: Quiz
Questions: 10
Attempts allowed: Unlimited
Available: Always
Pass rate: 75%
  • Fact 20

    In the 1950s, some ATO personnel informally referred to the tax laws as Pig's Stew because they collected Payroll tax, Income tax, Gift duty, Sales tax, Stevedoring industry charge, Tobacco charge, Estate duty and Wool tax.

Tax evasion

When a person deliberately lies to the ATO to reduce their amount of tax payable by understating assessable income, overstating allowable deductions or incorrectly claiming tax credits and tax offsets. Tax evasion is against the law.

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