Task C1.1 Why go to the trouble?

Do you want to start your own business? Then you'll need a business plan. Find out what business plan is and why you should have one.

Creating a business plan: the benefits

People considering going into business should always prepare a business plan that will guide the future operations of their business. Lawyers, accountants, financial planners and the ATO all stress the importance of planning. The result of any application for finance or loans will depend on close scrutiny of the business plan. 

Task C1.1 Why go to the trouble?
Type: Mixed
Questions: 14
Attempts allowed: Unlimited
Available: Always
Pass rate: 75%
  • Fact 12

    The expenses of World War I were so great that the Commonwealth Government introduced three new taxes in 1917: an entertainment tax, a wartime profits tax and a bachelor tax that raised such a bitter protest that it was never put into operation.

Public goods and services

Goods and services provided by a government.

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