Task A6.1 Mad minute tax facts

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Choose a topic from the tabs on the ATO home page. A chosen spokesperson from each group presents as many facts as they can for one minute to the whole class without pausing.

  • individuals
  • business
  • non-profit
  • super
  • tax professionals

Each group will need to:

  • find enough facts for the spokesperson to talk about without interruptions or pauses for one minute
  • prepare a script for the spokesperson
  • ensure that facts are not repeated
  • choose someone who is a fast speaker.
  • Fact 24

    One poetic Australian taxpayer wrote to the ATO: 'Spring is sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder where my return iz. My "rego’s" due, my cash is nil, a cheque from you would pay the till'.

Customs duty

A duty or tax levied on goods imported into Australia, administered by the Australian Customs Service.

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