Activity D5.1 Concept map

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Your task

Drawing on information and resources in Super, the ATO and you, prepare a concept or knowledge map that classifies and links the main areas of ATO responsibility for super. Place the ATO in the centre of your map and include the following items as well as any others you find relevant. You will need to decide the most appropriate ways to link these items.

  • Businesses
  • Can we access super early?
  • Consolidating super
  • Co-contributions
  • Employee superannuation guarantee (SG) calculator tool
  • Forwarding of super guarantee contributions
  • Individuals
  • Lost super
  • Payments to ATO each quarter
  • Self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs)
  • Super guarantee payments
  • myGov
  • Transferring your super to another fund

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  • Fact 14

    Women were employed for the first time at the ATO in 1917 as a result of the increased number of taxes due to the war and the loss of men to the war front.

Proportional tax

A tax where the tax rate is constant. GST and company tax are proportional taxes.

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