Task A4.1 Managing disasters

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This task explores the impact of unexpected events such as a major natural disaster on the Budget. The government is required to increase spending, both directly and indirectly, while at the same time it faces a drop in tax revenue. These two factors have an effect on the Budget.

  1. Australia has been affected by serious natural disasters in recent years. In small groups, discuss the impact of some of these disasters.
  2. Using the internet, research a recent disaster and its consequent impact on the Budget.
  3. Using information from your research, discuss the immediate, short-term and long-term effects of the disaster on the revenue that is collected. Look at the table Levels of government and their taxes. Also consider what may happen to the level of spending required, using the table Services provided by the three levels of Australian Government. Discuss the potential impact on the three tiers of government: Australian, state or territory, and local government.
  4. Develop a concept map to assist your group's analysis of the impact in the short-term and long-term term. You could use bubbl.us to create your concept map.
  5. Display your ideas on the classroom walls or upload your concept map to a forum.
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    The Australian Taxation Office started as the Commissioner of Land Tax in 1910 with a dozen employees. It was based in the Department of Treasury, situated in Melbourne, which was the seat of the Commonwealth Parliament until 1927.

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