Task A1.1 Street talk

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You overhear people's comments about tax-related issues while you're down the street. Do you agree with them?

Comment on these statements overheard in the street.

  • 'If you want an education, you should pay for it.'
  • 'Why should I pay tax?'
  • 'Why does the government put taxes on various things?
  • 'It's best not to know too much about tax because if I don't, I can't get in trouble if I get it wrong.'
  • 'Everyone should pay some tax, even low-income people, because everybody benefits.'
  • 'Rich people might pay more tax, but they get much more back from the government than poorer people.'
  • 'If you're a student with a part-time job you shouldn't have to pay any income tax.'

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  • Fact 14

    Women were employed for the first time at the ATO in 1917 as a result of the increased number of taxes due to the war and the loss of men to the war front.

Australian business number (ABN)

A business identifier for certain dealings with the ATO, other government departments and agencies, and other businesses.

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