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You have been employed by the VibeAdvertising agency to provide insight into the concerns, interests and thinking of young people, particularly in relation to social media.

The superannuation industry and the government are concerned that people under 25 seem to have little understanding of superannuation and its importance. They are funding a campaign called SuperAware targeted at under 25s to increase their awareness and knowledge about super.

VibeAdvertising has tendered for this SuperAware campaign and needs your help in identifying how to make super relevant to young people, and your advice about the best media to use to communicate with them. Your recommendations will provide the basis of a widespread advertising campaign.

Your task
Read Mel's email outlining your role in this campaign. Then provide the requested advice. You can select any format you prefer to present your recommendations. You may like to choose a format that shows Mel your confidence in using social media and provides a showcase for your communication skills.

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Memo to:          [You]

Campaign:        SuperAware

Topic:               How do we target the under 25s?


We need some advice from you urgently! Please get on to this immediately and give me your recommendations ASAP.

  1. We need a spokesperson or figurehead for this campaign. Ideally it should be someone well known to this age group. If not, it must be someone who holds a position known and respected by this age group. This spokesperson will be the public figure for all aspects of the campaign. Can you suggest at least two people and explain why they would be suitable? (We need the back-up in case our first choice is not available.)
  2. Can you suggest a slogan or catchphrase that will catch the interest of people in the target age group? It needs to give an immediate flavour of the main message of the campaign – it must communicate strongly what the campaign is about.
  3. From your knowledge of this age group, suggest two or three broad messages about super that would be effective in capturing their attention. These messages will be developed into the foundation of the content for the campaign.
  4. Can you suggest some fictional situations or case studies we could use to profile super to this target group? What would engage them?
  5. We need advice about the best methods for communicating with the target group. Suggest what types of social and other media we should use and outline your reasons. Please add any additional methods we could use to communicate with people in this target group.

Looking forward to getting your thoughts on all of this!


Campaign Manager


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