Task B4.2 Do we get a refund?

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You are a registered tax agent who completes returns. Two of your clients Julie and Andrew, want to know if they are due a refund or have tax payable. They are both 29 years old and single.

Julie and Andrew have provided you with their taxable income for the year ending 30 June. Neither has any other claims or tax offsets and are not liable for the Medicare levy surcharge.

Your task

Calculate if Julie and Andrew are due a tax refund or have a tax bill for the 2017-18 income tax year.



Taxable income ($)

Tax withheld ($)

Medical expense payments ($)

Medicare and health fund refunds ($)











The five links below go to tax rates and the ATO calculators:

Use the information on the tax rates and the ATO calculators to find out whether Julie and Andrew receive a tax refund or have a tax bill.

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A limit to the amount of superannuation contributions that an employer is required to provide for an employee.

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