Task B3.2 Lodging your tax return

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MyTax is available to all individuals completing their own return (including sole traders). It's available on tablets, smart phones and computers.  MyTax pre-fills your return with information provided by your employer, bank, government agencies and others. This information is usually available by early August, so if you wait until then all you'll have to do is review the information, add any missing details and then select 'submit'.

Go here to find out more information about lodging online, to see if you are eligible to use myTax and to watch a quick demonstration of lodging a tax return with myTax.

Your task is to produce an information package about the ease of completing a myTax return.

The information package must include the following:

  • general information
  • frequently asked questions
  • the link to the myTax demonstration
  • the pre-filling service, including features and benefits.

You might like to share your information package with others by including a link to it in your forum posting.

Most marketers have a clear idea of the age and other demographics of their audience. Pitch your presentation towards a particular age group.


This package could be completed using any form of presentation such as a:

  • pamphlet using Microsoft Publisher® or similar program
  • slide show on Microsoft PowerPoint®
  • mock-up Facebook® page
  • mock-up Twitter – remember that you may need to do a lot of tweets
  • blog or forum
  • 'Frequently asked questions' pamphlet

Write an entry in the course blog OR join the discussion forum. For the course blog, go to the Blog menu side block and select Add an entry about this forum. Write a brief reflection on myTax.

For the discussion, join the forum below and discuss what you have found out about myTax and how it works. To start a forum posting, select New topic.

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Remember to make it fun, interesting and engaging.

  • Fact 23

    Social activities among ATO employees in the 1960s included 'Miss Taxation' contests which were part of state-wide fundraising for major charities.

Fringe benefits tax (FBT)

A tax payable on a non-salary benefit to an employee. The employer pays the tax, not the employee.

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