Task B2.2 You and your TFN

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Now it is time to share this knowledge with others. Work with a partner and either:

  • prepare and present a role play
  • design an animation that could be put on YouTube or a mobile phone
  • make an educational message for young people using pivot animation or by filming the role play and using photoanimation software such as Movie Maker, Photo Story or iMovie to add titles and/or a voice over.

You could use VoiceThread or Glogster to help you prepare and present your work in a creative way.

An older sister, who has been working for a few years, is chatting to her younger brother who is about to start his first job tomorrow. In the course of their conversation it is clear he does not know anything about TFNs. The older sibling gives the younger the information he needs to know and some advice about what he needs to check with his employer.

A 20-year-old older sister 
She has been working full-time for two years and is knowledgeable about tax, super etc. 
Her attitude is that she wants her younger brother to avoid problems down the track.

A 16-year-old younger brother
He knows nothing about any paperwork and isn't particularly interested.

Select names and any other relevant details to make the role play more interesting. You can change the sex of the characters to suit.

The two characters are at home completing a task together. Possible examples are cleaning the living room, cooking a meal, tidying the DVD and CD collection.

The following items need to be incorporated in the role play in whatever order and style you prefer:

  • the brother will need to fill out some paperwork when he starts work
  • she advises him to check the boss is taking the right tax out
  • he doesn't have a TFN
  • why he needs a TFN
  • how he gets a TFN in this situation
  • completing a TFN declaration
  • keeping a TFN safe
  • who is entitled to ask for and be given his TFN
  • some examples of trouble that friends got into or stories from the media where people did not keep their TFN secure.

If you have prepared a digital role play, share your work by starting a forum posting and including a link to where it can be viewed online.

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