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I am a Teacher. How do I get access to the course material?

You can immediately access and review all of the Tax, Super + You content by clicking on 'Course overview'.

Why would Teachers use Tax, Super + You?

Tax, Super + You is an educational online resource provided free of charge by the ATO.  Teachers can use this resource to help their students improve their understanding of the Australian tax and super systems.

The resource is a complete learning management system. Its content aligns to the Australian curriculum, focussing on secondary school students in years 7 to 10.

This online resource offers several advantages:

Can I choose which activities I want my students to undertake?

Yes you can. Registered Teachers can create classes, and decide which modules and/or activities their students will undertake.

When you create your class, you can select from the checklist by checking or unchecking each of the course items to choose which course items your students will undertake.

After you have created your class, you can update the course items in that class by clicking on 'Manage Classes' and then 'Edit' to access the checklist of course items.

I am going on leave during the school year. Can I allocate another (substitute) Teacher to my Tax, Super + You class/es?

Yes, you can.

If you go on leave (or leave the school permanently), the new Teacher will need to be allocated to your Tax, Super + You class/es.

Before you go on leave (or leave the school permanently), you can ensure a seamless transition by updating your user profile with the new Teacher’s details.

You can update the following fields in your user profile with the new Teacher’s details:

How do I create a new class?

To create a new class for your students, follow these steps:

How do I enrol my students into my class?

When you create a new class in Tax, Super + You, the system will send you an email with course details and registration instructions.

You need to send these details to your students to help them enrol into your class and also to register for Tax, Super + You if they have not already done so.

After your students have requested enrolment into your class, follow these steps:

How do my students enrol without the course email?

If you do not have the email sent from Tax, Super + You when you created your class, you will need to follow these steps to enrol your students into your class:

Why is my old Tax, Super + You account not working?

Tax, Super + You has been updated for 2015 and beyond. 

Any account you had for Tax, Super + You before January 2015 no longer exists.

Is Tax, Super + You aligned with the curriculum?

Tax, Super + You  is aligned with the curriculum and these linkages can be explored using the resources below.


  • Fact 15

    Primary industry suffered severely in the 1930s due to drought and the Depression, so the government introduced three new taxes to support farmers: the flour tax, the wool tax and the apple and pear tax.


A law that has been enacted or passed by a parliament and been given Royal Assent.

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