A teacher has left the school permanently. As School Administrator, what do I need to do?

A teacher has left the school permanently. As School Administrator, what do I need to do?

As School Administrator, it’s important to have a smooth transition of Teachers leaving and entering Tax, Super + You courses to minimise disruption to students.

If the outgoing Teacher did not update their user profile and provide their username and password to the incoming Teacher, you will need to contact the ATO Help Desk. To allocate the incoming Teacher to the outgoing Teacher’s Tax, Super + You class/es, you will need to email the ATO Help Desk and provide the following details:

  • School Administrator’s name
  • name of school
  • outgoing Teacher’s full name
  • incoming Teacher’s full name, and
  • incoming Teacher’s email address.

The ATO Help Desk will update the outgoing Teacher’s user profile, and either reply to you or the incoming Teacher via email to provide the incoming Teacher’s username and password. The incoming Teacher will then have access to the outgoing Teacher’s Tax, Super + You class/es.

More information

If you need any more help with registering, logging in or managing your Tax, Super + You accounts and courses, email the ATO Tax, Super + You Helpdesk at taxsuperandyou@ato.gov.au

  • Fact 13

    During World War I, many taxpayers felt that it was their patriotic duty to pay more than their assessed tax. Some were not legally obliged to pay tax but did so and others made payments of double, treble or quadruple the assessed amounts.

Business / enterprise

A business is any activity where goods or services are sold with the intention of making a profit. If the activity has not been set up with the aim of making a profit then it is considered to be a hobby. A business does not include:

  • private recreational activities and hobbies
  • activities carried on as an employee, labour hire worker, director or office holder
  • activities carried on by individuals (other than the trustees of charitable funds) or partnerships without a reasonable expectation of profit or gain.
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