How do I enrol into my teacher's class?

When your Teacher creates a new class in Tax, Super + You, the system will send your Teacher an email with course details and registration instructions. The Teacher needs to send these details to their students.

If you have not yet created a Student account in Tax, Super + You, the course link URL from your Teacher will take you to the ‘Create New Account’ area. You will need to create a Student account for yourself before you can enrol into your Teacher’s class. When you have created your new Student account you can then use the course link URL to be directed to ‘Request Group Membership’.

If you have already created a Student account in Tax, Super + You, the course link URL will take you directly to ‘Request Group Membership’. You will be directed to log in if you have not already done so.

Click on ‘Request Group Membership’, key in a message for your Teacher (like “Please enrol me”) and then click 'Join'. Your teacher will receive your request to enrol you into the class.

When your Teacher has completed your class enrolment, you will be able to access your Teacher's course using your ‘My Courses’ button when you are logged into Tax, Super + You.



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Proof of identity

A document, such as a passport or birth certificate, that proves an individual is who they say they are.

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