Can I choose which activities I want my students to undertake?

Can I choose which activities I want my students to undertake?

Yes you can. Registered Teachers can create classes, and decide which modules and/or activities their students will undertake.

When you create your class, you can select from the checklist by checking or unchecking each of the course items to choose which course items your students will undertake.

After you have created your class, you can update the course items in that class by clicking on 'Manage Classes' and then 'Edit' to access the checklist of course items.

  • Fact 1

    In 1705, Emperor Peter I of Russia instituted a beard tax. Those who paid the tax were required to carry a 'beard token'. This was a copper or silver token inscribed with 'the tax has been taken' and 'the beard is a superfluous burden'.

Capital gains tax (CGT)

A tax on the profit made when selling or disposing of an asset such as investment properties, shares and collectables. The net capital gain amount, or the discounted capital gain amount in certain circumstances where a discount applies, is added to assessable income and income tax is then calculated on the taxable income. A person’s main residence (their home) is generally exempt and motor vehicles are exempt from CGT.

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