Can I choose which activities I want my students to undertake?

Yes you can. Registered Teachers can create classes, and decide which modules and/or activities their students will undertake.

When you create your class, you can select from the checklist by checking or unchecking each of the course items to choose which course items your students will undertake.

After you have created your class, you can update the course items in that class by clicking on 'Manage Classes' and then 'Edit' to access the checklist of course items.

  • Fact 9

    The Australian Taxation Office started as the Commissioner of Land Tax in 1910 with a dozen employees. It was based in the Department of Treasury, situated in Melbourne, which was the seat of the Commonwealth Parliament until 1927.

Tax Help

A free service sponsored and administered by the ATO where trained and accredited volunteers from the community assist low-income taxpayers to complete their tax return.

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