Judging Panel: Sally Bektas

Sally Bektas

Sally Bektas
Assistant Commissioner, Marketing and Communication
Australian Taxation Office

As Assistant Commissioner, Marketing and Communications External, Sally is responsible for all external M&C strategies across all audiences and projects. She is the key M&C stakeholder manager with experience leads and other agencies for these broad strategies. Her team manages all advertising campaigns and public relations consultancies.

Sally has worked in a variety of roles in the private sector, as well as within the ATO. Sally’s key achievements at the ATO include being involved in the shaping of the vision and future strategies for Reinventing the ATO.

Sally’s experience in designing and leading programs of work that cut across all aspects of ATO business and service delivery give Sally a truly corporate view of the ATO’s work and culture.

  • Fact 10

    In 1936, at the request of the Australian Wool Growers Council, a wool tax was imposed to help the production of wool and to extend the use of wool throughout the world. It was levied at 6d (about 5c) per bale on all sales of shorn wool produced in Australia.


An association of persons who carry on business together.

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