Judging Panel: Sally Bektas

Sally Bektas

Sally Bektas
Assistant Commissioner, Marketing and Communication
Australian Taxation Office

Sally is the Assistant Commissioner responsible for all external Marketing & Communications activities for the ATO.

As a mother to two children, including a teenage son, Sally is passionate about financial literacy and giving students a strong foundation in Australia’s tax and super system. She focuses on innovative ways to empower people to understand their rights and make it easier for them to understand and meet their obligations.

Sally is also known for being the Tax, Super + You competition’s number one supporter, and for encouraging her teams to learn and take inspiration from competition entries to help the ATO better communicate with young people.

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  • Fact 26

    The introduction of electronic lodgement of tax forms in the late 1980s not only reduced the time it took to send out returns from ten weeks to two weeks but had a significant impact on the incidence of repetitive strain injury among data processors at the ATO.

Goods and services tax (GST)

A tax of 10% on the supply of most goods and services consumed in Australia.

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