Judging Panel: James O'Halloran

James O'Halloran

James O'Halloran
Deputy Commissioner, Superannuation and Employer Obligations
Australian Taxation Office

James has national responsibility for the ATO’s roles in Superannuation and Employer Obligations including the regulation of APRA funds and Self-Managed Superannuation Funds. In this role he works closely with industry, advisors and other regulatory agencies.

Prior to his current role, James has held Deputy Commissioner positions leading the Indirect Tax area and the Tax Practitioner Services area.

James joined the Australian Taxation Office in 1999. Prior to joining the ATO James held senior management positions in Victorian government agencies.

James has a Bachelor of Arts (Criminal Justice Administration), a Master of Corporate Law and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management.

  • Fact 1

    In 1705, Emperor Peter I of Russia instituted a beard tax. Those who paid the tax were required to carry a 'beard token'. This was a copper or silver token inscribed with 'the tax has been taken' and 'the beard is a superfluous burden'.

Growth phase

A superannuation investment prior to the time when an individual can withdraw funds.

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