Judging Panel: Hoa Wood

Hoa Wood

Hoa Wood
Deputy Commissioner, Individuals and Intermediaries
Australian Taxation Office

Hoa Wood has over 20 years’ experience in tax administration both in ATO and at the Treasury. In Hoa’s current role, she is responsible for the delivery of improved outcomes for Individuals not in business that make it easier and simpler for them to comply with their tax obligations. This includes education programs, consultation, online services, advice and guidance and audits. Hoa also has a focus on improving the experience for Intermediaries, particularly as tax professionals are key stakeholders in supporting taxpayers to meet their obligations.

In 2018 Hoa was awarded the CAANZ’s Leadership in Government Award for Outstanding Contribution in Public Administration. This award recognises public sector leaders who have played a key role in the development and implementation of Government Policy and focussed on those leaders who have actively encouraged and created innovation based on present or over the horizon thinking.

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  • Fact 18

    World War II saw the percentage of women working at the ATO increase from 23% at the beginning of the war to a peak of 57% in 1945.

Unearned income

Income received that is not from a personal exertion source. Bank interest and dividends are examples of unearned income.

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