Judging Panel: David Allen

David Allen

David Allen
Deputy Commissioner, Enterprise Strategy and Design
Australian Taxation Office

David joined the ATO in 2010 as an Assistant Commissioner in Public Groups & Internationals and in 2016, was the ATO’s delegate to the OECD based in Paris. Upon returning to the ATO in 2017, David took up the role of Assistant Commissioner, Corporate Strategy and was responsible for Corporate Planning, Reporting, Performance and Committees.

David is currently the Deputy Commissioner for Enterprise Strategy and Design (ESD). ESD takes the leadership role in working with business areas to shape the ATO’s strategic direction and develop a strong performance and integrity culture.

David is responsible for strategy and governance, performance measurement, design, corporate risk and assurance, and internal audit. David is the Professional Stream Lead for the Business Management capability within the organisation.

David has a degree in Engineering, an MBA and has worked in Local, State, Commonwealth and UK Government.

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  • Fact 15

    Primary industry suffered severely in the 1930s due to drought and the Depression, so the government introduced three new taxes to support farmers: the flour tax, the wool tax and the apple and pear tax.

Tax return

The form that taxpayers complete and lodge annually with the ATO to report their income, tax withheld, allowable deductions and tax offsets.

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