Judging Panel: Alison Lendon

Alison Lendon

Alison Lendon
Deputy Commissioner, Individuals and Intermediaries
Australian Taxation Office

Alison Lendon is Deputy Commissioner Individuals and Intermediaries in the Australian Taxation Office.

As the Deputy Commissioner, Alison is responsible for the delivery of improved outcomes for Individuals not in business that make it easier and simpler for them to comply with their tax obligations. Alison is also responsible for improved outcomes for Intermediaries, particularly tax professionals as key stakeholders in supporting taxpayers to meet their obligations. This includes education programs, consultation, online services, advice and guidance and audits.

With 36 years’ experience in tax administration, Alison has led the design and implementation of tax and super laws, major change initiatives and the design and communication capabilities. She has also represented the ATO at OECD forums focused on taxpayer service.

Alison holds a Masters of Business Administration (Monash University) and a Bachelor of Science (Monash University) and is a Fellow Member of CPA Australia.

  • Fact 22

    The changeover to decimal currency in 1966 created a massive amount of work for the ATO. In NSW alone, staff manually converted 200,000 accounts worth $450 million.


An item of value such as property, a car or machinery, or a financial item such as shares or a bank account.

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