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Tax Super and You is an educational resource developed by the Australian Taxation Office.

It’s designed to promote young people’s awareness of tax and super and supports their development of consumer and financial literacy.

Tax, super and you offers both online and print resources, links to various curricula across Australia and can be used flexibly - students can study one, several or all of the materials depending on their needs and interests.

All tax, super and you resources can be accessed from the home page. Anyone can use Tax Super and You. If you are a teacher, educator or parent, you can register to gain access to all resources including answers. Your students can also register. They won’t be able to access answers but they can receive immediate feedback on some online activities, progress results and chat room access. Members of the public can also use the tax, super and you resource.

To register, click on the registration hyperlink that relates to you. For example, if you are a teacher, click here, and follow the prompts to set up an account.

If you need help with registration, go to the FAQs tile and choose the menu item that relates to you. For instance, if you are a teacher, click on the For teachers link to find answers to your questions.

Tax Super and You is comprised of four modules and six interactives. The four modules are located under the home page banner. They are Tax 101, Your tax, Business tax, and Super.

The interactives are located on the left side of the home page. They are Shaping the system, Tax and you, Tax in your community, The story of Tax, You make the decision and Watch your super grow.

The modules and interactives are designed as standalone resources, and can be undertaken by a whole class, small groups or individual students. The modules may be complemented with relevant interactives.

You can use the course overview to see the elements of the Tax Super and You resource.

A full list of both online and print resources can be found on this page. Click here to view the full suite of online resources and here to view the full suite of print resources.

Let’s explore how to use an online module first. Later, we will explore the print resource.

Click on the module you want to view.

The black ribbons indicate the activities and quizzes in the module.

To access the contents of each activity, click on “read more” under the activity.

Each activity has slides followed by student tasks.

The blue menu shows that this activity has the slideshow, “Income and income tax”, and two tasks – in this case, both tasks relate to assessable income.

The slideshow offers the “theory” that students need in order to complete each task.

To enter the slideshow, click on the “start” button.

To access the tasks, return to the activity by clicking on it in the breadcrumbs trail above the black ribbon.

Click on the task you want to complete.

Press the Start Task button to begin.

To access interactives related to this module, return to the module page.

The relevant interactives appear on the left hand menu.

Tax Super and You is also available as a print resource. The print materials are not a reproduction of the online resource because they have been designed to suit a print-learning environment.

To locate the print resources, click on the Downloads tab.

The print materials on this page contain the full suite of resources for each module and its relevant interactives. The downloads page allows you to print one activity at a time, or the entire module at once.

The print materials include fact sheets that provide information that students need to complete worksheet tasks. Fact sheets are designed to engage students and to be re-used - teachers can print them in colour and store for use again and again.

Tasks are found on the printable worksheets for teachers to copy for student use.

In some cases, there are answer sheets that are available for registered teachers, educators and parents.

There are also print materials for the interactives. The PDF version is visible on the interactive tile on the left hand menu.

The print interactives enable students to work collaboratively. Each PDF interactive contains all relevant fact sheets and worksheets. In some cases, answer sheets are also provided for registered teachers, educators and parents.

Whether you are using the online resource or the print resource, you can identify the best time to introduce each interactive by referring to the Course Overview.

Click on print resource to reveal the sequence of activities and interactives.

This module is best supported by the interactive, Tax and you at the end of the learning sequence.

Both the online and print materials align with a number of curricula across Australia. Links to various curricula can be located on the home page under Curriculum Links.

For each curriculum, such as the Australian Curriculum, links are shown by year level.

Each year level shows how each interactive and module activity link to the content of relevant learning areas and subjects in the curriculum.

The Tax Super and You resource is updated from time to time to include further information such as additional FAQs.

Keep an eye out for “What’s new” on the Tax Super and You home page.

  • Fact 16

    The monetary cost of World War II was ten times the cost of World War I. Raising revenue via taxation became a vital part of Australia’s war effort.

Preservation age

The minimum age when an individual can access their super benefits.

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